Scribermate & Accessories

Do you need a scribing tool that can handle any task?  Something efficient, durable and user friendly?  If so, you need Scribermate the new window scriber tool by 3D Chippy.

Complimenting our Scribermate with perfection is our 3mm Rubber Adhesive Mat - the ultimate solution for enhancing the grip and hold power of your Scribermate tool.  Designed to adhere seamlessly to the base of your Scribermate, this mat provides an extra layer of support, especially on rough weatherboard surfaces. 

The ultimate companion for both your Scribermate and Mat combo is our 75mm Spring Clamps 

Compact, yet mighty, these clamps are designed to securely grip while you work, giving you the freedom to focus on the task at hand. 



Plus, we'll donate $1 from every pack purchased to the "I Am Hope" Foundation, a charity that supports mental health in New Zealand