Scribermate by 3D Chippy has landed!

Introducing The Scribermate by 3D Chippy

A revolutionary tool designed for those who demand accuracy when tackling those tricky scribers.

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What makes the 3D Chippy special?


Save time and effort with Scribermate's intuitive design.

The new 3 step design takes all the effort away when setting up scribers.

Its eye catching colour makes your Scribermate easily accessible when digging amongst the toolbox.

User Friendly

The clamp and wedge approach allows you to set up your scribers without penetrating the building envelope unnecessarily.

This is the perfect tool for when you're setting up scribers on finished product such as cedar and other various pre finished weatherboards.


At 3D Chippy, we've extensively tested various designs to find the optimal one, ensuring your Scribermate will withstand the demanding workload of a construction site.

Precision Perfected

Precision Perfected

Whether you're a seasoned builder or a hobby craftsman, Scribermate is the tool for you.


Been super happy with Scribermate tool it’s made the job easier, faster and neater - I’m a returning customer because I made the mistake of not ordering both size thinking hey I may not use these much -  well I got that wrong - All builder need these in there tool box

Scott Hancett, BOP

scribermate has saved me alot of time! It's a game-changer!

John, Auckland

Scribermate has revolutionised my way of doing scribers!

Pete, Hamilton


How do I use the Scribermate?
  1. Simply insert the tool behind the window fin or facing and pull it down ensuring a snug fit
  2. Clamp scriber to outside tab
  3. Measure your offset to the window, taking account of whether you'd like a quirk then simply cut your block and mark accordingly
Can I buy just 1 Scribermate?

Yes, you can purchase a single Scribermate if you're wanting to add an extra one to your kit

Is Scribermate suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Its user-friendly design makes it accessible for all skill levels!

Want to know anything else?

Contact us at for any other questions

Meet The Man Behind 3D Chippy

Cam is a passionate and hard-working individual who enjoys being busy. He has a knack for making furniture from recycled native timber that he sources from his property renovation projects throughout the Waikato, New Zealand. He is a builder by day and a custom furniture maker by night. He loves to express his creativity and gets real satisfaction when he can handcraft unique orders for his customers and see their happy reactions when he delivers their products. His idea to create and develop Scribermate came from his own need to simplify his life, both as a builder and a furniture maker, and he decided to share his revolutionary solution with others. You can check out Cams custom pieces over on Instagram.