rubber adhesive mat - 4 pack


Introducing our 3mm Rubber Adhesive Mat - the ultimate solution for enhancing the grip and hold power of your Scribermate tool.  Designed to adhere seamlessly to the base of your Scribermate, this mat provides an extra layer of support, especially on rough weatherboard surfaces. 

When replacing exisiting scribers, residual paint and sealant can often diminish grip strength.  However, our Rubber Adhesive Mats offer a simple yet effective remedy to this common issue. 

With their durable and reliable adhesive backing, these mats ensure your Scribermate maintains optimal performance, even in challenging conditions. 

Say goodbye to slipping and sliding, and hello to precision and stability with our 3mm Rubber Adhesive Mat. 


Scribermate has revolutionised my way of doing scribers!

Pete, Hamilton

Scribermate has saved me a lot of time! It's a game changer!

John, Auckland


How do I use my Scribermate?
  1. Simply insert the tool behind the window fin or facing and pull it down ensuring a snug fit
  2. Clamp scriber to outside tab
  3. Measure your offset to the window, taking account of whether you'd like a quirk then simply cut your block and mark accordingly

Check out our "how-to" video at the bottom of our home page.

Can I buy just 1 Scribermate?

Yes, you can purchase a single Scribermate if you're wanting to add an extra one to your kit

Is Scribermate suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Its user-friendly design makes it accessible for all skill levels!

Want to know anything else?

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